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Hello and thank you so much for your interest in becoming a pen pal to a friend inside!

Below you will find a list of written bios that our friends inside have asked us to share as well as a picture of some friends if they've been able to send us one.
If you are interested in writing to anyone on our list, please email us with the name of the friend you are interested in writing to and we will be more than happy to help you get started! If you have not already, we ask that you check out the wonderful site made by Black + Pink National that helps address important things to consider before writing as well as important things to know and understand when writing. Black and Pink National Pen Pal Site.

Southern Colorado Black & Pink Pen Pals:


My name is Mizz rev Vorstin MaryKay Condit. I’m 63 year old. 5’11’’ tall 155lbs. Bluegreen eyes greyish reddish hair. I am Bi or a wee Lesbian seeking to find a romantic relationship and some that can help me get a parole plan and a place to out of prison. I have past a way a few years back from cancer and I end up in my wheelchair not fun for a number of years. I pray I can find some one can come longside me and walk with me as I fight through cancer junk after matt… And for sure my spirit are low. Do to this CV-19 sickness I have been lock in my cell now 8 month and that hard and with no TV mine broke right before I left my female prison in Pueblo. Both sexual gender in body.


Hi my name is Anthony Baker. I go by Tony. I'm 31 years old. I'm Bisexual. I'm 5'11 237 lbs bald. My birthday is June 21 1991. I'm relaxed and layed back. I'm looking for a friend to write. My favorite colors are black, red, and green. I'm from Denver, CO.


I’m From Farmington New Mexico my birthday is February 28th 1967 I’m 54 years old I weigh around 195 to 295 I’m 5’9” grayish brown hair. I have 2 years left. Just looking for someone to write. Thank you. God Bless ya.


Hey there my name is Rachell. I am from Utah. However currently I am a resident here in the Colorado Department of Corrections. I am a Bisexual-Transgender Female. Pronouns Her-She. I am a long-time musician. A true romantic. I enjoy writing my own music on the guitar. Wearing makeup and putting my hair up in different styles is something I love doing. I enjoy femininity very much. Moving and grooving to music is something I get a kick out of. Yup, I love to dance! My favorite genre of music is Indie Rock/Singer Songwriter. And of course anything driven by a great guitar riff and beautiful bass line. I love being positive. And I am goal driven. Don’t like being an idle person. CrossFit is my favorite type of workout physically. I love being in the mountains. I am a star gazer. I love looking into the night sky contemplating what comes next. And sincerely I enjoy taking my time in getting to know people. Well thats it for now. If you should be interested in knowing more about me, I hope to hear from you soon. Write to me at: Rachell Tucker #129886 12750 Highway 96 at Lane 13 Ordway, CO 81034 And please don't forget to include a return address in your letter if you write :)

William L

My name is Will, I am 32 years old, I am locked up for agg rob and I dont see parol until 2030 & MRD is 2037. I am bysexual, I am into famalized trans. I would like to find a pen-pal that can help with this time.

John L

My name is John. I’m 56 and was born in Escondado California. I moved to Tacoma Washington at 18 and lived there till the time of my incarceration. I have 3 children Johnny, Corey and Ashley and am divorced from their mother. I am on fairly good terms with her though. I talk to my daughter the most who is now married and has a daughter of her own. We don’t have email or many phone calls in this dungeon. So I am looking for someone who would like to write with pen and paper through 'snail mail'. This is kind of a lonely place especially if you want to talk about things that are closer to the heart. I like to keep it real and there is a lot of fake posturing in here. So if you are lonely and want to keep it real I’m your man. I love women but will write to men as long as it is not in a sexual manner.


My name is Roy Billingsley I’m 5’9” tall and 15 lbs, medium complexion, very trustworthy, loyal. Looking for someone with same qualities a female between the age of 40 to 70 years of age. Race not important so if you are serious about wanting to know more for a fantastic friendship or relationship please feel free to respond back to me. I have recent photos that I can send upon request also if you have any please in return do so? I’m looking forward to hear from you real soon but until then have a great day.

David H

I am a sixty-one year old young man with a good attitude and a lot of true understanding and basically have sat her alone and would like truly and seriously to be put in contact with someone who I can write and just develop a strong but close friendship with. I am from the Colorado Springs area and was a maintenance tech for some time with work on apartments, houses, etc.


I am 6’2”, weigh 232 pounds, long hair, born June 1, 1959, Gemini, love the outdoors, fishing camping, shooting pool, bowling, game rooms, clubing, just living life. I am very laid back, love to work jack of all trades, profession painter, construction contractor. romantic, loving, caring person who don’t mind helping others if I can. I have photos on my face book page if anyone chooses to look as well as my name and address go to Marlon Smith, Ordway Colorado.

Sean R

I am 43 years young. I am 5’9 and 190lbs. I. work out some but not obsessed with it. I have hazel eyes with brown hair. I. keep my head shaved. I have my head tattooed and both arms with some tats on my body. I am a white dude. I also have H.I.V. and I am undetectable. I have two boys who are both over 18. I am currently doing time at Limon Correctional Facility. I see parole in 2026. I love to do outdoor stuff. I like to ride motorcycles. I also like to just stay home and chill. I try to always see the good in all situations and stay positive. When I get out and on my feet I would like to help out with youth who’s family may not like what life styles they have chosen. Write to me at: Sean Reitsma #166051 49030 State Highway 71 S Limon, CO 80826 And please don't forget to include a return address in your letter if you write :)


Hi my name is Robert D. Rose. I go by Deano. I’m Presintly living at Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility. I am 52 years old. I wont lie I have 46 years. For murder and I’ve only been Down 3 year. It was Self Defince! I’m working on going back to court to reduce my sentance. A little about me in here I big into reading. I read wide range from fic, poetry, to self help, even romance. When Im not reading, I realy Big in to CrossFit and working out. And Im all so big into self help class. That’s me in here. On the outside I was a underground miner and Heavy Equipment oporater. A Father of Three boys all young adults now. Im a big out doors person. From hiking, fishing, hunting, horse back riding. I do a lot of mountain biking. Going for walks through town Haveing Pickinicks in teh Park, Bording in the winter. I love cooking & watching movies at home Im also a big foody. I’ll drive 100 mil Just to cool restraunt. So that the short who I am and what I did. Im just realy looking for a realy food PinPal. Some one who in joys writing, and talking I dont care who, what, or race you are. I just want to fined some one cool and Down to Earth, to get to kno and talk to. Hope to here from someone soon.


Hi I’m Rodrigo Estrada Hernandez I’m Mexican/American I’m 5’5 Handsome. I got one arm & leg tatted my sides and back are done as well. Some things I enjoy doing is hanging out with family/friends going camping and smoking weed. Couple things I like about myself is I’m funny and easy going. I’m always smiling and always up for an adventure till pen & paper meet :D


Ladies & Genteel men; Hello, I’m Larry Thompson. “TIME” is not my friend so I’ll be very direct... I NEED Friends! Friends who’ll see and accept the man I’ve become, not the foolish boy I once was; Friends who’ll help me endure the tests of time. Everyone needs an escape; writing is my preferred method so let me give it to you straight. I’m doing “LIFE” for a crime that I didn’t commit and I’m in need of Friends, Muses, and Companionship. I’m not highly educated but I’m a good listener... I’m the youngest ol’ man that you’ll ever know, that is IF you’re willing to be my partner in the dance of discovery. Regardless of age, ethnicity, nationality, or sexual orientation, I’m here and hoping to hear from you. I believe that in all experiences there is value; I’ve experienced much and would love the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with you. I believe in “Faith”, not religion; “Hope & Compassion” over fear and condemnation. How about you? What understandings can we share together? For me, “Writing” is therapeutic, especially personal letters. Over the years I’ve written in several genres and hope some day to become a published author which is the only way for me to establish a “Legacy”; You see, I’ll soon be 62 years young; I’m childless, and all of my immediate family members have already passed away. The words that I’ve written, or those that have been written about me will be the only evidence left proving that I ever existed, and hopefully mattered. Hopefully someone will remember and think of me kindly... Will you be amongst them? What’s your passion? IF you’re interested in exploring the pleasures of romance or eroticism, I’m you man; I’d love to write fantasy for you. The world has changed several times over since I’ve been locked away, but, the sensual nature of human beings hasn’t... I hope you’ll take a chance and allow me to entertain you for a while. IF that doesn’t sound inviting, choose a topic and let’s get to know each other. Take it from someone who knows, “Lonely roads have no destination, yet they always lead to somewhere”... It would be wonderful if our’s intersected in a place called “Hope” at a time called now. In conclusion I’ll leave you to ponder this short piece that I penned 5 years ago; it’s entitled: The Shadow’s Essence... Shadows cannot exist without light... Silence of the unknown is restless and discomforting; Unwelcome, but unavoidable. Such is the passage of time; such is the way of my life.. So bright, yet so dark; nearly as tangible as the silken petals of a speckled white rose. For the shadow’s essence is light... Shine on me. September 17th 2016. Be Well; Thank you for your time & consideration. Please write soon and often. I remain...

Jonathan C

Hey, I just want to tell you all a little bit about myself. I am currently 49 years old, I was born on Sept. 6th, 1972. I am 5 foot 7 inches tall, and weigh around 190 lbs. (a little chubby, but I don’t think I’m fat). I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am currently incarcerated in Littleton, Colorado, at Englewood Federal Correctional Institution. I was arrested on May 6, 2008, and am expected to be released on Sept. 22, 2025. I consider myself bisexual, because I am attracted to both male and females, but I prefer males more. I tell people that I am honest to a fault, because I say what is on my mind with out a filter, as long as it is the truth. Some people don’t like that about me, others just appreciate the honesty. I like to play fantasy football, therefore, I watch as many NFL games as I can, and pay attention to what is going on in the league. I also have been a NASCAR fan for over 25 years. I love horror movies and books. I also enjoy suspense, thrillers, and comedies. I like all genres of music. I would say alternative rock is my favorite, but like all kinds. I am interested in meeting any new person, sex, race, sexual orientation, or interests doesn’t mean anything to me. I like all people!! I am an easy going person who is just looking for some new people to connect with. I do like to get sexual in my writing, if this bothers you, please let me know from the start and I will try to refrain from being vulgar. Well, I hope you find something in my introduction letter that piques your interest. If you do find something interesting in my letter, or would just like to meet someone new, please feel free to write to me.

Jack C

My name is Jack Clark. I go by JC. I am currently incarcerated in Colorado. I am a bisexual white male, 39 years old and I have long, brown hair and blue eyes. I am divorced and am the father of five children. I am seeking friendship with people of any gender that are funny, kind, considerate and compassionate. People with big hearts and open minds who are not judgemental. Although I am only seeking friendship at this time, I am certainly not opposed to a friendship becoming more with the right person. I promise to respond promptly to your letters. If you are interested in contacting me you can either send me messages at using my name and D.O.C. number, or by sending me mail. If you choose the jpay method please remember to include your return address in the body of the letter so that I can write back. I look forward to making many new friends!

Adam D

Whats up yall, my name is Adam. Ive been locked up going on 17 years looking to be out by 2023 and it would be nice to have some friends to get out to. Im 25 years old singel but open for a romantic relationship. Im open to write anyone and everyone. Im pansexual, open- minded, atheltic with tattoos. Im born and raised in Colorado and cant wait to catch up and experience all Ive missed out on so Im looking forward to hearing from new friends and excited to see what happens so pick up that pen and I cant wait...


Hi, I’m amber, I am looking for platonic friendships only as I’m engaged and soon to be married to the love of my life. I am a goth and a total metal head and a complete industrial cyber punk. I look forward to getting to know you


Whats up, my name is Steven I have been a part of the Black and Pink fam since 2013, I'm a Bi-sexual top who accepts and nurtures the feminine in Gay men and Transgender women both post and pre-op, I've been down about 16 years and have now the opportunity at my freedom. I'm looking for positive, open Trans and gay men who want a great friend to communicate with. I'm open to romance but really would like to get to know good people, I can maybe become someone you can depend on, share insights and really life in prison, I hope to hear from you soon.

Michael M

Life has a way of making you pay attention, and that is something that I never again want to take for granted. I'm a man that enjoys meeting new people, reading, writing, and all forms of art. Life has caught my attention, and I am thankful for the chance to recognize the beauty of human nature before this journey that we call 'life' draws to an end for me. I'm interested in meeting new people and having the chance to live vicariously through their experiences. I'm an avid intellectual that loves to learn. I believe that we all have something extraordinary to add to each other's lives, as we've all seen life through a different lense. There is no greater joy than to be able to connect with someone and just share your unbridled thoughts. I'm looking for an opportunity to cultivate new friendships that allow for positive and healthy communication without judgement- a safe zone of integrity. I'm fortunate enough to work in a field that I enjoy very much as an Offender Clinical Assistant. I love helping people and am always looking for new ways to positively impact those around me. I can't tell you everything about me here, but am hoping this will be interesting enough for you to take the time to get to know me better. I have no expectations and I really just want to get to know people from all walks of life. Write to me at: Michael Lee Montoya #131813 12750 Highway 96 at Lane 13 Ordway, CO 81034 And please don't forget to include a return address in your letter if you write :)

Anthony C

Hello, my name is Anthony Church, but everyone just calls me Church. I have blond hair and blue gray eyes, I am 5’11 and weigh 195 lb. I have been in prison for 8+ years now and I will be seeing Parole 7/2023. I currently work in the woods hop that the facility has, and I have been working there for 6 years. I build cabinets and I love doing it. When I’m not working on cabinets I love working with yarn and reading; a hood book will take me out of this world for a short time. I grew up religious, but I don’t practice often but would gladly talk about religion. I have been curious my whole life but because of my family I wasn’t able to be adventurous until I moved out. I love meeting new people and getting to know everyone. I don’t have any preference everyone is welcome to write me :) I would love to find someone I can talk to about my life and what I have gone through and what I am going through and vice versa. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you. Be safe out there.


My name is Jhonathon Molinar, I am 24 y/o, I am a hispanic/latino, atheletic build. I am fluent in english & spanish. Im bisexual. Im originally from kansas city, ks. I love working out daily, I read myster/crime novels, I am an amazing cook! I am an very determined individual who enjoys meeting new people. I enjoy the outdoors, meeting new people, and participating in pro-social activities. I am currenlty serving a 3 yr sentance in CSOC. I will be released before christmas this year. Write me? H.I.V. negative.

Anthony L

These few words come from a land far far away. Though we're millions of miles apart, I wanted to take a moment of your time to introduce myself as the one possibly for you. In this time of solitude I often lay awake til my sleepers kick in :) Thinking of life and the meaning of love. I'm a hopeless romantic caught in a whirlpool of emotion, enduring years of confliction that has confounded my perspective and left many hearts broken. I'm a genuine ass dude and consider myself deep in insight and experienced in pain... I'm currently serving a life-sentence and i'll tell you about it if you ask, this is my first D.O.C sentence. Mama tried but the hard head in me causes more than I even like sometimes. ;-) I'm 30 years old, Hispanic, I'm an artist, I've been married once and have 4 kids, 2 boys, 2 girls. Me and my ex's couldn't make it through time, habits, distance, and bullshit. I hate drama, yet I understand that life isn't complete until you have a soul-mate. 'Disillusionment' sucks so being transparent is the best answer. In my life theres been heartache and pain, but I also understand that it's in those moments you learn your best lessons. I guess you can call me illilect. An idiot I am not, and I don't wish to bullshit anyone or be bullshitted. I wanted to send an introduction letter because I like to write and have no one to share it with. I want to be the one to bring a smile to someone's face. As for my look; I've included a photo along with this letter, but I'm tatted up, goatee, bald headed, and I'm into cross-fit. I'm ambitious, I have a sense of humor and I'm easy to get along with. I'm set in my ways, but I know that I need another's perspective in order to get it right. I want someone to talk to, to hash out my issues and be an advocate for another lonely soul. I get it and want to share my insight with someone too. I'm new to this pen-pal stuff and want someone to share my time with. I'm not shallow, so I dig deep and look forward to bringing out the best in you ;-P This is my 'introduction', so i'll keep it simple enough, but I look forward to your response. HMU and open a door worth walking through. ;-)

Lenard B

Hello, my name is Lenard, I am 39. Here in a few weeks I will be 40. I have long Brown Hair, it is Beginning to gray though. I have hazel eyes and they change color from time to time. I am currently attending a TC Program in DOC. I have failed this in the past, I look forward to success this time around. Some other programs I have attended are, Green energy - An education on installation and connection of solar, wind, and water generators. I also have an apprenticeship for “fish hatchery work” I worked with and raised Tilapia, From the size of two fingers to the size of a hand. I did that for about a year. My Hobbies include, Crochet and knitting, Drawing (I love Manga/Anime), and Robotics, Electronic repair, and video games. I love outdoor Activities, ones that I haven’t done in a while: Hiking, Biking, Camping, fishing, Road trips, Gardening, and Bird and Animal watching. The type of music I listen to is techno, Electronica, Rock (classic & modern), and classical. Radio stations, kilo, kkfm, & KCME. T.S.O., S.T.P., Metallica, Garbage, are a few of my favorite Bands. Well I hope to soon or within a few years get out. I am looking for people that may be interested in being friends. I love sharing crochet patterns (I have a bunch), an my artwork. I love a lot of tattoo Art, I want a few, Haven’t made a commitment on what yet. Although I love koi. Maybe something steampunk (Gears, sprockets, wires, mecha) who knows?


Hi my name is Edionios but I go by Eddie. I’m 24 yrs old and hispanic-americas. I love going out I love travel I love music I like sports -> soccer

Ms. Pinki

Hello my name (preferred name) is Ms. Pinki. I am approx. 5 feet 4 inches tall 182 pounds. I have a Highschool diploma. I am down to earth. I am respectful, kind, loyal to a friend. I have a mom, a brother, and a nephew who is 19 years old. I talk with them on a daily basis. I love play pinochle. I would rather play pinochle than any other card games. I also love to play the Board game life. I love to watch T.V. Friends is #1, all the Dick Wolf productions, Tyler Perry Productions, and game shows. Music: I love Bruno Mars music, some of Lady Gaga, when I’m out love to listen to Alice 105.9 music and talk show with Steve; I can’t think of the other talk host with Steve. I want to travel around the world, help people in different countries. My favorite food(s) are: Mexican food (not a fan of Taco Bell), Spaghetti w/o Meatballs, not an onion eater; Steak with mash Potatoes and gravy with corn on the side; I love salad w/ Ranch dressing, I can go on, and on, and on. My hair has got grayer by the second lol. You can refer me to: her, she, any female pronoun.


Unto you amazing humans! You may not know me as of now, but to know me is an act of grace! Don't allow present conditions and circumstances move you to forsake the opportunity to be awarded a beautiful partner and teammate. A friend of integrity and dignity with wholesome aspirations and ambitions in spite of being possibly near the medium juncture of my race in life. However, in closing, I wish to ask you my dear, where and how do you preserve your valuable and priceless commodities, goods, jewels, treasures, artifacts, etc.? You store them up! Don't miss your blessings. That would be amiss!

Jake R

My name is Jake. I'm originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. I love surfing, skiing, reading, and drawing. I absolutely love dogs!!! Have a great day!!!


I am Meladie. I am a transgender woman born as unisex then had surgery at age 10 months old. I love my culture I am Native American. I love my puppies and horses, and I am a big advocate for transgender rights.

Brian P

I'm an artist and athlete but my passion is tattooing. I hope my art provides the space needed for one to dig deeper and find meaning. I love the outdoors and all animals. Once it becomes alive in my mind, my life doesnt know any rest. Art never sleeps.

Andrew Y

Hello, Hi, How ya doin! :) My name is Andrew R. Young. I am 44 years old and been in prison all of my adult life. All since 1996 I have spent a total of 29 days on the streets. Currently incarcerated since November 13 2006... Im looking for a friend that has the same feelings and outlook to life. I will be out in the “real world” anytime from now till 2029. I am not tech savvy at all. And need help navigating today’s world. I love to cook. Train dogs and go out running. I grew up in Co. Spring Co. But mostly in prison or jails even as a juvenile. I am a white guy with brown hair and brown eyes. I weigh 180 pounds and work out on the regular. I cut everyone out of my life when I got this time I am currently serving. I now regret this cuz I am coming close to being released. I look forward to hearing from any and everyone. Thanks for your time...

Ms. Bella

I am 6 for 3 inches! I have a lot of Tattoos and listen to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. I am a White Transgender Ive been on HRT since 2014. I am very Free spirited and out going I am an outdoor person Animal lover and a Witch. I am an Avid Reader I love to Read a lot. I am respectful, loyal and caring... I am a Tomboy I am not super girly girl yet I do enjoy getting dressed up and doing my make up. I am looking for Friendship mabe even love I am also Bi I like Trans girls and Guys Ive been with a Cis-gender woman. I prefer Her.She and I go by Bella so you can Address A letter as Bella! My Favorite Bands are: Bullet for My Valentine, Bleeding Through, Testament, Hellyeah, Throwdown Favorite Authors: Christine Feehan, J.R. Ward, Joey W. Hill, Edward Lee Take Care look forward to Hearing from you. Love and Respect, Ms. Bella

Jorge V

My name is Jorge Carmelo Valenzuela, I'm 24 going to be 25 in May. I am outgoing, fun, friendly, and very interested in a lot of topics, don't be afraid of asking me about anything. I am single and looking for something to grow into with someone. I speak spanish and english. I was born in Arizona. I love to eat and music. I enjoy my time reading books, walking around or just chilling somewhere. I really enjoy being helpful and proactive about working on things. I enjoy to work hard and I just hope you give me a chance to be my friend. Thank you for checking out my bio.


Hi my name is Darryl. I'm in the pursuit of finding a new companion. Through my temporary incarceration my goal is to convince you through my campaign to be a better man. Never shed a bad light on our friendship, or betray your belief in me by displaying any disrespect or inappropriateness toward you. I hope to get the pleasure of meeting you. I'm 30 years old, 5'8 amd 160lbs. I'm from Colorado Springs, CO and lived there almost all my life. I'm Black and Filipino and was raised in a household with both my parents. I'm a high school graduate (Great Basin High School) with some college credits under my belt. My reason for taking part in a pen pal service is to change the perception on who's incarcerated and make lifelong friends, and erase the stigma affixed to these circumstances. So in my effort I'm sending you this letter in a bottle as if I were stranded on a desserted island, hoping I don't fall on deaf ears. With such a unconventional way of meeting someone. I do believe that strangers are nothing but friends who haven't met yet. So I set forth on this journey. If you can give me half a chance I can promise you that I am worthy of it and I won't let you down. Maybe you're someone who's not intimidated by affectionation and appreciation, loyalty and compassion or creating something worth embracing. I'd love to politic with you on a intellectual level of love and friendship. I truly want to explore the unique beauty of your precious mind and I will assure you that you will be overwhelmingly fascinated with mine. I'm open-minded and down to earth. One who is above and beyond the artificial role plays and emotional games. I'm someone who finds pleasure in socializing, networking, and establishing solid foundations. I have a magnetic personality. I'm optimistic, caring, loving, and warm-hearted. My needs will come second to yours, as we sincerely build our divine foundation on trust. So if you're tired of pain, tragedies and confusion and are ready for respect, commission, companionship, then contact me. You can write me at the address provided or go to and use my name and number to contact me. Thank you. Darryl Lynch #162429


My name is Tyler Lee Wheeler I am 23 years old serving a life sentence for felony murder. I was previously in the military - stationed at Fr. Carson here in Colorado. I do not have any family or friends anywhere close, they live in Tennessee. I’m an open minded, lighthearted, individual. I’m a better listener than talker. However, when I get to know people better I open up and am very conversational. I’m looking for new friends, relationship opportunities, some people who accept me and my situation.


I am someone with a huge heart who is open to different ideas of all around betterment! I love human beings in all forms, fashions, ideals, ways of living and am looking to hear from anyone who enjoys writing, talking, sharing and wanting something more out of life. I enjoy many different forms of expression and am a great listener in whatever way you may need or desire. I am a Colorado native with deep roots in the Springs yet have recently found myself wanting to reach out to people from all over Colorado and elsewhere. If I have peaked your interests at all please reach out. I'll be waiting. Send email type letters through jpay please send an actual physical address so I can write back.

Shawn K

My name is Shawn Kuehl i’m form Loveland Colorado i’m 6 foot 2, 200 pounds. Have a lot of tattoos and do them as well! Looking to write and or correspond with men + women I’m Bisexual I love women and men or both in one. Looking forward to the adventurous correspondence from all lads + ladies or both in one. Will answer all that would like to get to possibly getting to know one another through writing and helping one another pass time or give each other something to look forward to incur lives. Sexually or not so, just let me know, if you’d like to have phone contact please send me your # and i’ll get it on my list so that we may talk to one another and much much more. Thank you I can’t wait to receive your most welcoming letters, feel free to ask anything at all, I have nothing at all to hide! Again, thank you + have a a wonderful day! Respectfully yours, Shawn P Kuehl.

Ms. Rebecca

My name is Rebecca. I’m a 36 year old trans-woman in CDOC. I finally came out as a trans- woman in 2019. I was tired of living under a false person and wanted to be who I truly was. My info is Ms. Rebecca (Ryan) Toler DOC #190231 unit 1a Box 6000 Sterling, CO 80751. That’s the currently facility I’m housed at. I love music, games, movies, camping, hiking, and sometimes leisure things like just being able to talk to someone. I’m wanting a pen pal not only for support but to have someone to write too and to experience a good friendship. All my life I’ve never had a positive friends only negative peers. Plus all I have only my mothers as my support so I can use all the support I can get. I hope to hear from anyone soon.

Chris M

To my new friend out there, My name is Christopher and I am a white, 53 year old bi male. I've always had the curiousity since a young boy of 8 years old. I grew up on the streets at the age of 15 when i finally left an abusive home. Nonetheless my life did not get any better. I did things that I'm not proud of to survive the streets. As an adult I still have the same curiousities but do not act upon them for fear of rejection from the family that I do have left in my life. I still like women even though I'm in a male fast of likely possibilities. I keep it secret but would like to one day come out to the world and be free of this secret I've had for many years. I'd love to have a new friend (male or female) to write to for encouragement of all daily activities. I am considered a good friend to have. I'm loyal and truthful. I need to talk with someone about these things. Hope to hear from you soon!

Jason B

Hello, My name is Jason Beamer. I'm 5'11 and weigh 210 pounds. I'm 44 years old, I'm looking to make friends and pen pals who are positive and supportive. A sense of humor is a plus. I'm really laid back and no judegemental, so feel free to respond without insecurity. I'm currently enrolled in classes and will be graduating soon with hopes of transferring to a facility offering better education opportunities and incentives. I'm a father to a six year old son whom I love dearly. Also when I was out I owned my own tree service which was the perfect job since I love being outdoors, as well as camping hiking and fishing. I love animals especially dogs. I've also travelled a lot of states including New York. Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Ohio, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon and Massachusetts. I enjoy reading and spending time with friends, as well as working out and eating good foods. I like lots of music, concerts, and music festivals that include jam bands, hip hop, and Grateful Dead inspired music. Feel free to ask any questions I haven't covered. Nothing is off limits. I'm really looking forward to making a new friend and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading, Jason.


My name is Edgar Dewond (pronounced D’Juan) Reed. I am 41 years of age, 6’3, 210 pounds, I am African-American. I enjoy Reading, Favorite Authors John Grisham & Michael Connelly. I love to work-out. I am honest, mature and most importantly loyal. I have been incarcerated for 20 years straight. I am fortunate enough to have an opportunity at clemency in December 2022. What clemency/commute is, is someone who has been in prison for 15+ years and has shown a desire to change. My trial lawyer, D.A. and victims has all ask that I get a chance at release. To be honest, I am scared, NOT AT failure, but what obstacles are ahead. I am looking fro someone to grow with who is willing to partake in this journey with me. The closer to Nov/ Dec comes the more anxious I become. I am looking for someone who is open, honest, mature, and has the time to give. I am open to hearing from anyone.


Hi, I’m Roy I was born in 1977 in Virginia. Grew up in New York. Travelled all over the U.S. & parts of Europe & lived in Hong Kong for 8 months. I am interested in archaeology (sp??), the occult, high strangeness, zombies, doomsday preppers/urban survival, but not stuck on these subjects - open to new experiences. When it comes to music I like anything from Tommy Dorsey to Deicide to the Bee Gees. As long as it resonates with me... Not much of a tv or film person. I prefer books. I’m really looking for someone to write to. I still have some time left so a pen pal would be nice.

Troy M

I'm a very understanding, caring, honest, and open person, thats looking to find friends that have the same qualities. I'm true to everything I say. and, will write anyone that write me. How else can you meet true friends? Hope to hear from you soon!

Isaac S

I am a Christian white male who accepts all people. One of my rules is to not judge. I have six pack and work out a lot. I do not do it to impress people or be an icon, but I do it to be a leader who fights insecurity. I am the most in shape in the pod, endurance wise, but if I take a break, my mind will say, “You’re fat, you’re ugly.” Let me deal with insecurities. You are beautiful the way you are. I once was weak. Now I am strong. Pray for me, I’ll pray for you.

Robert V

Let me introduce myself. My name is Robert Vigil. I stand 5 foot 8 and weight 180 pounds. My zodiac sign is Taures so hard headed in more ways than one. ;P haha lol. My nationality is Native American - N - Chicano. I’m Born - N - Raised in Denver, Colorado. Been locked up on this case since February 2015. Currently on the downhill of a 25 year non-violent sentence. See parole for the 1st time in Nov. 2025. I’m locked up for violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act - Racketeering. My hobbies are working out, crocheting, writing interesting people, - N - reading (mostly erotica). I am continually trying to better myself. I’m currently enrolled in college courses to obtain my associates degree in applied science. I should graduate by December this year. I’m looking for people that love to communicate. I’m seeking conversation that just flows. Anything beyond that is just the desert for the main course.


Hello my name is miah also known as Jeremiah I am 26 yrs old and am interested in animals, philosophy, and the inner makings of the universe I’m a upbeat and bright person and would love for you to write me I will respond as soon as I can pending stamp and envelope availability thanks much and hope to hear from you.


Just a lost alien trying to make it here in the strange world I have more art Im constantly working on my dream is to make it in the tattoo world. Im 26 years (Earth years) old looking for a like minded pen pal If you are interested in tattoo patterns send me ideas to keep me busy. -Alien-


Hello friends and future pen pal. My name is David Jesse James Alva AKA OutLaw. Everyone calls me Jesse. My birthdate is December 20th 1992 I’m a sag. original Denver Co Native I’m 5’4 182 pounds Brown eyes half native & Chicano. most of my body is covered in ink I’m Really into tattoos and working out. I’m 100% loyal to my state of Colorado all of my teams are all Colorado, things I like to do are have fun Games, bowling, movies, Keeping Entertained, Sky Diving, bungee jumping. That’s how I overcame my fear of heights. I have a 64yr sentence in the middle of Appeals trying to Come Back home. I’m trying to receive my GED. And trying to do T4C to Return back to the community as a better citizen. I get lonely at times and would like to meet someone new open for whatever. Its hard in here being bisexual. So hope some one likes and is open to write and meet me.

Daniel T

Hello, my name is Daniel. you can call me Danny. I’m from Fresno California but lived in Denver, CO the majority of my life. Currently working on my Associates of Applied Science Degree + am shooting next for a Bachelors in Software Development. Student at Kaplan University, I like hiking, video games, sports + learning new things. My favorite music is Purity Ring, Korn, System of a Down, A Perfect Circle, + Kylie Minogue. I am 5 ft 9 in 219 lbs. Sicilian. Salt + Pepper hair that I keep short + clean shaven. 44 yrs old look 30, 1 black eye + 1 blue eye due to genetic mutation. Well that’s all for now so H-M-U if you are interested. Thanx for your time.

Mike C

My name is Mike. I am happy, and optimistic! I think that I’m funny! lol! I work as a nurse. (CNA) I studied philosophy in college. My mensa documented IQ is 160. I LOVE to laugh! Life is short, so carpe diem! (seize the day!)

Scott M

My name is Scott. Most of my friends call me Sir Suave, but have to be honest at 43 I’m not all that smooth any longer. I some time trip over my own two feet. lol :) Not to mention I have wrinkles on my knuckles just like everyone else, so that makes me pretty ordinary and normal. But pipe dreams of being the most suave guy around help with my beauty regimen, and youthful nature. I was born and raised in denver colorado and have a few years of college, a baking certification, a bartending certification, a cosmetology license along with a plethora of other useful skills. I’m a very charismatic and outgoing man who enjoys good conversation, good food and making new and interestingly exciting people for new friendships. I have tons more to reveal about myself but I close here for now. If interested drop me a line or two about yourself and ask any questions that come to mind, I’ll be eagerly waiting.


what’s up? my name is shiloh, Im 24 years old and I am currently serving a 12 year sentence in the colorado department of corrections. I may be young, but I believe that the experiences and obstacles that we overcome in life are what makes us mature, not the number of candles on a birthday cake. I am a music producer and musician. music is my entire life, and I plan on finishing a degree in music production once I return home. I love tattoos and I currently have about 60 of them and counting. I also love fashion. I have dreams of becoming a designer someday. I am looking forward to meeting someone that i can form a real connection with and have deep conversations with. well, that’s a little about me, I can’t reveal all my cards at once. Im looking forward to getting you letter.


Dear Penpal, Hello - My name is Jayde Moonshadow <AKA: Billy J. Radan>. I’m a 40 yr. old Transgender- woman. I am seeking a “pen-friend”, to share “friendship” with. I am an open-minded, non- judgemental girl and love meeting new people and making new friends! I am 5’-8”, 180 lbs., Spañiard/Lakota-Souix Native Amer., with Dark Brown hair, cinnamon-brown eyes, and a few tattoos. I’m well-mannered, educated, out-going, open to new experiences, kind-hearted, hard-working, and always willing to learn new things in life. I am an avid “outdoors” sort of girl. I love to camp, fish/hunt, hike and photograph “outdoor-scenery”!!! I also love music (all types), and am a lover of most all types of video- games. I particularly love “Skyrim”, “Dragonage”, “World of Warcraft”, “Diablo”, “Soul Caliber”. “Mortal Kombat”, and many more... I’m serving a “parole-revocation”, and will be eligible for “community-placement review” in November, and “parole-review” in April (2023). My “discharge date” is approx. May (2024). I’m not certain of what I will do +/or where I will go, after release from prison. Though, I would be willing to relocate and just “start over” again... I don’t have anyone in my life at this time, and really would love to write to someone <as a “Friend”> and make some new friends!!! I’d prefer to write fellow Transgender +/pr cisgender women, but am open to all who’d like to become a friend to me. I will always reply quickly, and am willing/open to discussion regarding most any toplic(s)... I eagerly await any/all “friends” :) May you all have a very blessed day, full of sunshine + smiles! Write to: Ms. Jayde Moonshadow <AKA: Ms. Billy J. Radan> CDOC #120535 PO Box 6000 Sterling, CO 80751

Earl M

SWM, 39, 6’1, athletically built 205 lbs. brown hair and eyes. I am a gay man who enjoys the company of all people. In search of open-minded, fun loving individuals who also enjoy a intelligent conversation. I have a passion for music and poetry. I love to meet new people and start a lasting friendships. Looking to write anyone who is above and beyond the artificial role play and emotional games. If your out there I would love to hear from you. I promise to answer all letters and send photo to the heart that is sincere. So get at me asap. Can’t wait to meet you.

Erik G

Hi my name is Erik J. Gross I am 46 years old. I was born 2-22-1976 in San Diego, California. I was raised most of my life in Colorado. I am 5’11” tall I weigh 190 lbs. I am a cowboy, I used to ride bulls and broncs in the local rodeo scene here in Colorado. I am athletic and participate in multiple sports. My favorites are baseball, softball, skating, swimming and other watersports. I am outspoken, outgoing, and open minded. My favorite music is country but also like most other types of music except rap. My favorite sports teams are Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche, 49ers, and Broncos. I also am bisexual and am LGBTQ friendly. Write to me at: Erik Gross #139733 P.O. Box 999 Canon City, CO 81215 And please don't forget to include a return address in your letter if you write :)


I am a 43 year old African/Native American bi male. Carmel skin tone, 5’7” 250 pounds. I am a bodybuilder with solid muscle mass. I am a simple + humble man. I am genuinely uncomplicated + the subtlest things attract me. I’ve lived a very fulfilled life, full of blessings and incredible people. Looking forward to meeting people who understands what being locked up is all about. I’ve been “down” for 22 years strait, first+only time. I am super open to meeting anyone who is fun + full of life!


Hello my name is francisco my friends call me cisco I am chicano male 46 years old I am gay I am a very loyal individual who enjoys helping people I would like to meet new people that i can connect with I believe in change and been working on changing my life and doing something that will keep me away from prison. I am very affectionate person who loves hugs and to cuddle and watch movies and I am down whatever you have in mind I will do something once if I never done it before. So if you like what you hear so far hit me up and go more into detail please give me a chance to prove to you I am worth a stamp. Love you, from Cisco

Robert T

Hi, my name is Robert (he/him). I am an openly gay man living temporarily at Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility in Ordway, Colorado. I am currently involved in crossfit here at this facility and have been for a few (three) years. I go 6 days a week and eventually would like to take my crossfit level 1 trainers exam once I'm out of here. I also love music and art. I graduated from high school in 2008 and have many college credits from here. I'm 33 years old and have a small circle of friends who are also part of the LGBT community. I love movies. I love nature and I love to cook. Anyways, short but sweet. Thanks for taking your time to reading this and have a great day!! :) Respectfully, RT

Nicholas C

My name is Nicholas Cleek, age 29, 5'11, 168lbs. I have lived mostly in small town Colorado (Lamar, Alamosa) during my time here. I will be living in Pueblo upon my release December 2022. I'm a bit of a hipster at heart. My favorite genres are (girl) rap, indie rock, and electronic music. I've mostly been a cashier throughout my jobs and want to study journalism in the near future. I'm effeminate, fun-loving, and love the outdoors and yoga. Get to know me!


I can be bold and confident in the way I express my thoughts and feelings. I bring warm-heartedness to love and romance. I enjoy good quality time, so let me inspire you to be the best you can be. I believe you should not only be book smart, but also be educated in the way of the street life. Aside from being charming and honest, I would love to meet anyone who has the courage to write me! I guarantee you something real :) Write to me at: Devon Dickson 190638 P.O. Box 600 Canon City, CO 81215 And please don't forget to include a return address in your letter if you write :)

Trevor M

My name is Trevor. I am a 24 year old male who is Bisexual. I am looking for a pen-pal and a good friendship. I am a animal lover and a awesome hiker. I absolutely love mother nature. I am not looking for someone specific but just someone to talk to. I am currently serving a 5 year sentence at a colorado prison. But don’t let that stop you. Have a nice day!

Richard M

I am 59 years old, born in Germany, 5'9 dark brown hair (hardly any grey at 59) About 2 ft long. Hazel green eyes. Dark complected appx 196 lbs. High School Grad, University Houston TX. Div 5 Auto/Diesel Mech., 2 year assoc in science 'major organic chemistry.' 41 year veteran guitar player, drummer, keys, violin, cello, recorder- all around seasoned musician. I love classical music, heavy metal, alt., classic rock, pop -> include Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, Liz Phair, Natalie Merchant, Christina Perri, Lisa Loeb, etc. I had a back injury years ago and got addicted to morphine, oxycodone, fentanyl, xanex, etc. which led to my incarceration (plural). Yeah, it was tough, but I feel I've got it beat. No interest anymore in any drugs, not even weed. Music and building another studio and hitting the road again is my longing- I teach music theory guitar lessons in every D.O.C. yard I go to. I'm also an 'O.C.A.' offender care aide, I push wheelchairs and help people with dementia (certified). I also played part in building Inside Wire Radio Station at L.C.F. Check it out sometime, first prison radio station in history


Hi my name is Frederick im from Denver I love Colorado I like Bike Riding Fishing hiking and I love cooking. And I like meeting new people, I lost my significant other I feel its Time for new beginnings in my Life im Ready to open a new door I am very loyal I will always return any letter I receive I hope to hear from you. :)


My name is Kaylob I’m 27 yrs old I’m 5’10 and weigh 200 lbs. I love to workout have a lot of tattoos I’m very honest open down to earth love to laugh have a good time. I'm a hard worker always outside when I’m not at work I’m cutting hair at my family barbershop. My goal is to open my own salon. I’m a very clean person and take real good care of my self. I’m looking for new positive connections and friends please feel free to reach out to me the easiest way is through the jpay app.


Hi, my name is Tamika Esparza, & I am a very beautiful trans woman. & I am from Denver Colorado, but I have been to New Jersey, when I was 18 years old. My father took care of me, until I was 12 year old. I love UFC sports, I love candle light dinners & I like cuddle during the winter time. I like to have moonlight walks in the summer time. I like all kinds of music from R&B, to soul music, jazz, symphonic, country, rock, as well as classical. I love all types of movies as well & I like to be romantic. If you are interested in me, please feel free to introduce yourself to me. I have a great sense of humor, & a loving heart. Well I think thats about all for now hope to hear from you soon but if not thanks anyway for reading my letter :)


Hi there my name is Levertis Smith Im from Long Beach CA but I moved out here too colorado in 2012 I never lived in a place too were it snowed so I had my first experience with it and I fell in love with it and said Im never moving back too Caliy I love too read and write I love basketball Boston Celtics is my team and I also love football Oakland Raiders anyhwo Im a big game head I love listening too music as well Im also a outdoor kind of guy Anyways if you are interested feel free to write me and I promise you I will write back hope too hear from you soon but if not thanks anyway for reading

Adam A

Hello to you all and hope that you are all in good health, body, mind, and spirit. I want to invite anyone who is looking to correspond with me using snail mail. I am hoping to meet people with whom I can develop a friendship with and I also would like to share in the advocating of prison reform as I am currently incarcerated in a colorado state prison. I also fight for justice for the wrongfully convicted men and women. I am a person who loves outdoor activities such as boating, hiking, skiing. I also enjoy in creating crafts, by using crochet, as another hobby I like to restore older model vehicles, and I also enjoy reading books about personal achievement and growth to murder and mysteries. I am now 47 years old, 5’3 tall and also am looking to find a personal relationship if possible. I look fwd to reading from you all soon.

Steven S

I have 5 years served on a 30 year sentence and I would appreciate any support and friendship that I may find. I am parole eiligable in 2031 and that date will get closer by 1 year for every 3 years I stay out of trouble. I am a white male of 33 years. I am open hearted and open minded and seeking the friendship of anyone I can connect with emotionally and intellectually. I appreciate the culture and “kinship” of the LQBTQIA2S+ community and the outreach that Black + Pink is conducting. I was born and raised in Aurora, CO and I have a high school education with 2 1/2 years of vocational training in Culinary Arts. I am trying to pursue further education once Pell grant become available to inmate by July of 2023. I really look forward to next year. Yay!! I aspire to take the 7 habits course here in prison and also to participate in the canine training program here at Sterling Correctional Facility. I am eligible to progress into incentive living pos and am awaiting my acceptance in the application process. I am persuing employment with correctional industries so I can earn mw own money as I have minimal financial help from family on the streets. I enjoy being physically active and I participate in Crossfit training and play a lot of handball. I’m trying to better myself and progress in my prison sentence. My time is spent on personal restorative justice and to ensure that I never re-offend and succeed in the world once I release. For me, failure is not an option. I utilize my time instead of just “doing time.” I’m seeking now, a friendship with anyone from any walk of life as long as you are of positive, productive, proud well being. I love all races, ethnicities, and genders and anyone unique and proud enough to truly be themselves. Whoever and whatever that may be. My name is Steven Anthony Safford and I am just a queer male trying to find my bearing in life while loving and bettering myself and my relations to this world and those I love. I hope to find a friend with whom to have a positive touchstone correspondence within this struggling walk of life I am currently fulfilling. I am an open book to whoever wants to read me. All you gotta do is check me out. Can’t wait to find a new friend!

John S

Hello, my name is John. Im doing life for being stupid. Im 68 and have been diagnosed with 'White Matter Brain Disease'. I look for things to help keep my mind occupied, things like (Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles) and 'Fill- Ins'.I have no family anymore. No visits, no letters, and no support. They have all disowned me. My parole eligibility date (at this time) is 12-09-2031 and my mandatory release date is 11-19-2047. I believe I might have been sentenced a little excessively. Im looking for pen-pal(s) and more some donations, who-ever writes me, I promise to write back and promise to be honest. Write to me at: John Siviter #123752 49030 State Highway 71 S Limon, CO 80826 And please don't forget to include a return address in your letter if you write :)

Brett E

Hello future kindred spirit! In a time where hate & violence towards the spectrum community is becoming more pervasive, I am a devoted LQBTQ+ ally. I’m a genuine kind, respectful, non-judgemental, fun loving soul; a left handed Gemini; 43 years young; I enjoy books, puzzles, trivia, learning, good music, NPR, animals, the outdoors and discovering the interpersonal dynamic thats never the same between any two people. I am unofficially bi, and remember being attracted to both genders as far back as sixth grade. I’m open to anyone who identifies on the spectrum - I’ve had friends from several of the groups on it. Really just anyone who is sincere and wants meaningful, lasting interaction. I’ll even make you little paper art! I truly look forward to hearing from you!

Carlos P

Hi, my name is Carlos - but everyone calls me Los for short. Im 27 years young. I’m half Mexican half Native American. I was born and raised in Denver Colorado. Iv also lived all over the state. Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Grand Junction, and Delta. But mostly Denver. I am serving a 6 year sentence for distrobution Iv been here since July of 2020. I see parole on June 20th, 2023 but my release date will be around October of 2024. Im looking for someone I can joke around with, someone who can look past my situation and see the good in me. Someone I can send my art to and write poems to. Someone to look forward to see and look forward to get mail from.

Terry F

hey, my name is Terry Fortson and I’m 33 years old. my birthday is september 2nd so that makes me a virgo. I’m from cleveland ohio but I’ve been in colorado since I was 13 years old. I love sports and all kinds of music I also love to read and play chess also I love working out. well thats it for now. hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Michael D

I’m a outdoors man I like to fish, hunt, and trap. I was raised on a farm. Where I had dogs cats cows horses chickens rabbits hogs and a life that I want again. I want to have a garden and grow weed. I like to smoke Bud! No more crack or meth that is what got me here but I would like to see what I can do with my green thumb when I do, get out, I want to have my place in the community. If I can grow it for my own uses, If not the I stick to getting drunk. If some one thinks that they could have a relationship, or just be my friend for the rest of my life, that’s the important thing. I want somebody to love me for who I am, I am getting old and I don’t have a lot of time left to be happy.

Samuel R

I wish to thank you for taking a moment to get to know me. My name is Samuel and I am a six foot three inch tall male whom was born in a small town in Texas. My passions in life are a little different to most of the so-called black people in society but I am me and I love to break barriers and live my life according to living life to please those whom I love. Motorcycles, Horses, Camping, Fishing, playing sports and cooking great food are what make me happy, ut it is very lonely experiencing these things by myself. I am searching for a person whom is willing to share the up’s as well as the down’s in life because by doing these things with someone let’s a man recognize real friends and true love. by the way... A brother can sing and I love to write Love songs in that old school R&B style. Please reach out to me?


Greetings dear friend with all the best to you and yours! My name is Vaughn with the preferred pronoun they. Im from the New England tri state area, not a local born resident of Colorado. I was flown out here from Connecticut Dept. of Corrections via the interstate Corrections Compact Agreement Act in 2015. Without regret Colorado is like a toy I’ve wanted as a child but never got. Im a Certified Reverend Ordained December 2nd 2018 with all rights and privileges to perform all duties of the Ministry. A pro active pro social mento who guides, educates and supports the LQBTQ population here within supporting their personal and professional growth as peer. Serving as a peer role model and support system. Concerned with fairness and equality I am drawn to campaigns against social injustice. A big sports fan of all kinds. Really like music. Jazz, Country, Classic, Rock, West Indian Calypso. Love to make people laugh with a good joke or two. How is life like toiler paper? You’re either on a roll or taking s*** from someone. ha ha. In search of someone to connect with on a human level someone to shed a little light on these gray walls, this new journey that I’ve chosen comes with a thirst for life, knowledge, and friendship. One of the worlds most sought after secrets is happiness. Realizing that happiness comes in many forms the happiness I seek comes in the form of a letter, a phone call a visit, human contact. Im sending this message in a bottle as if i were stranded on a. deserted island hoping it doesnt fall on deaf ears. Im in need of someone open to building an intimate friendship. Besides my freedom what I miss the most is the human touch. A spiritualist who loves nature I value friendship and place loyalty above or in high regard.


Hey there. My name is Reynold, I'm from Rapid City South Dakota, I'm not local, I've been in Colorado for 5 yrs now. I love doing beadwork, to reading books that are based on movies. I also love exercising. I'm a movie person with a little T.V. shows. I like all music except inauthentic reggae. My favorite genre would be Hip Hop. I think that's about it for now. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading

Bobby V

Im a small town country boy born an out doors person love huntin an fishing especialy hog hunting thats a big part of my family back home. I am very athletic and somewhat competitive I like lifting weights and pushing myself to new limits and i love the mountains here especialy in Estes Park its one of my favorite places reminds me of home - I could walk the rivers in Estes panning gold for miles an never find anything but still have a good day hiking and exploring its all about the experience in life for me an trying new things I’ve lived a nomadic life style for the most part living here an there all over the place met a lot of amazing people an had a lot of amazing jobs, but I’ve always felt like theres something missing or something else there for me! Truly, Bobby Valencia

John N

I like mexican food, love to play video games, love playing D&D. Im 29 years old, born March 17, 1994, from Fresno, California, but raised in Colorado Springs I have visited Arizona, New Mexico


Hi there my name is Richard Finn. I'm from Pueblo, CO I'm born in Colorado. I have my GED and I'm lookin for a Tru Friend to grow with while in prison and to grow when I get out. My hobbies are drawing, tattooing, building fish tank, snowboarding, and outdoors when I'm out. Well I also love to cook, I truly love to cook, I also in prison I crochet, do beadwork, and draw. I'm lookin for a friend to grow with through the LGBTQ pen pal, someone that understands me and becomes a Tru Friend :) I love football and I love fishing as my sports. As of music I love it all, country, oldies, R&B, rap, but my fav is Fleetwood Mack. I also love Blues music. Well hopeful and interested to right me if not thank you so much be full of peace and love. Thank you :) Richard Finn


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is mine (saying) giving? Affable and good-natured, it's the meeting and connecting with new people for me


I'm from Cali and my favorite part about Denver is the snow and the jobs. I attended AIU with my mom growing up. I'm 29 and moved to Denver Tech Center DTC.


Hi my name is Ernest Dozier I'm from Colorado Springs. Technically not local I moved here to meet new people and learn more about myself, I am a game nerd, I am working on getting my cosmetology license, I love sports, I played football, basketball, Denver and the Broncos are my favorite team. I love R&B music, favorite artists are Jacquees, Chris Brown. I like all type oof music, I like traveling, and exploring new things, my friends and family call me Duece. I am looking for a long-term friendship and want to continue our friendship when I get released. I am paroling to da Springs. I am 32 years, b-day is August 29 1990 Virgo, if you/whoever wants to check my Facebook it's Ernest Dozier. I am in a lime green shirt. Well I hope whoever reads this likes what they read and hope to hear back soon rather than later if not thanks for your time and patience. Duece


My name is Jorge Lopez, I am a 40 year old Mexican male in search of genuine mature connection. I'm looking for someone who in knowing we each will strengthen each other and become better human beings. I'm 5'5, 150 lbs, and I'm looking to establish a new community of friends and relationships. I don't need any financial support. But I do need to make connections that will help support me in achieving my goals and ambitions. For example, I intend to utilize my experiences to better help others in their development as a behavioral health specialist and addiction counselor. I currently serve as a mentor in the Therapeutic Community program and look forward to new opportunities in that field. I'm always eager to meet new people who share my values and interests. If this spoke to you, please feel free to reach out to me. Photos would be appreciated, so I can put a smile to the words. I look forward to meeting you!


Hello - To the world, friends, & family. My name is Kellen McDougal. All my friends, family call me 'Mack'. I’m a W/M who’s 6ft tall, 200 pds with black hair, honey brown eyes, full lips, and a lot of tattoos. I’m very intro different art forms. Drawing, painting, tattoos, dance, different styles of music, poetry. I enjoy going to concerts, & festivals. I’m very into fashion. I enjoy travelling, my favorite places and atmosphere is the warm beach areas. Personality - I’m kind, confident, generous, hardworking, loving, spontaneous, real. I’m always down to share a laugh, help someone in need, see somebody succeed, show support. I’m into going to the dance clubs, enjoying the music, dancing. I’m also into chilling, watching comedy or romance movies. I’m very passionate, romantic, a all natural lover. I’m a holding hands at the mall, beach, movie type. I don’t mind sharing a kiss in public. I work out & exercise daily. I’m a healthy person. I go to the gym on a regular basis. I’m originally from Atlanta, GA. I came to Colorado on vacation and got into an altercation that has led me to incarceration the past 4 years. My release is between next month to 1 more year max. Not long to wait on a good man, but long enough to get to know a good man. There is also a pic of me with my profile. Hope you enjoy and would like to correspond. Thanks for your time & support. -Stay Blessed-


My name is Calone (he/him/they). I love yoga and being a nerd. I love Dungeons and Dragons and other games. I am passionate about my hobbies, and I look out for my friends. I tend to tell others what I think of them. People say I am logical and wise, I hope it isn’t sarcastic. I am also a furry >(^w^)< I’d love some help expanding my network. Recently I lost some people very close to me. I’ve lived in Southern Colorado and Denver my whole life. Please tell me about yourself starting with favorite pokémon and hobbies. Thanks + furries welcomes


well hello friends. my name is Floyd but I go by Nick. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado I’m a big football fan. Die hard Bronco fan. Looking for friends to share stories. Won’t lie been locked up for awhile and trying to connect those who can help me connect with. how things are out in the world. I like to help people with their mental health. I can listen if you need to vent. So if you need a friend well I’m your huckleberry. Everybody who reads this take care and stay strong. Write to me at: Floyd Martinez #66119 P.O. Box 600 Canon City, CO 81215 And please don't forget to include a return address in your letter if you write :)


I am a Latino male who is bisexual/gay. I am very loving person who has a big heart, creative, and have a wonderful personality. I am 5'7, weigh 186, athletic built, light complexion. Loves to fish, hunt, and am an outdoors type of man. I love to joke around, dance, and have fun. I am a cancer, and my favorite color is black and white.


Hello, my name is Nathan VanWinkle. I’ve been born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO my whole life! I am a very active and sports inclined individual. I like spending time outdoors and a lot of fishing as well. I have a 7 year old daughter that is myabsolute world! My life. revolves around her and that’s just the way it is! I’m a man of many talents and have skills in many different trades. I like working with my hands and nothing feels better than a hard of work to bring home a pay check. I’m very family oriented and no matter what I’ve been through, I will always hold true to my family’s values that my parents have instilled in me from a very young age. I’m interested in a pen pal and to be able to get to know somebody who wants to get to know me as well! I’m looking forward to the wonderful opportunity of making your acquaintance. Thank you graciously and gratefully!

David R

What is going on free world. My name is David Ruffin. I am from Baltimore, Maryland, I moved to Colorado in 2017, what can I say I’m a Denver Nuggets fan. (Maryland does not have an NBA team, and I go for the underdog). Due to poor decisions, I smoked so much meth since moving to Colorado (I never heard of the damn drug until I moved out here) that I barely recall my past life growing up. Like I never even had a childhood, I cant even remember what high school I went to, but I still remember family vacations, and my favorite dirty movies. I used to play the saxophone, I made all country once, in high school. I find people very interesting. I like to discuss world events and life itself with people, and whatever is on your mind. So how about being my pen pal? Right on.


Hello my name is Dimitric Austin (AKA) Memphis and I'm looking for a nice person or people to write. I enjoy most sports, old school R&B, and Jazz. When I was in the free world I was a Tailor so you know I love clothes :). I enjoy reading and writing. I am a He and I will respond to anyone who takes the time to write. I look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel B

My name is Daniel Brewer I’m 58 years old I’m 6’2 200lbs. Brown hair brown eyes. Born in Peoria, Illinois. I enjoy listening to music, writing, doing art/crafts. I listen to all types of music my favorite artist is Jelly Roll. I’m funny, nice, laid back, honest, loyal. I’m looking for someone to write and have a friendship with that has a good personality. I currently have 12 yrs more to do but it maybe a little sooner. I don’t have nobody on the outside to write. So I would enjoy letters from someone on the outside of these walls. When not listening to music I like to watch T.V. or draw. My friends think I’m funny and that I’m good hearted. Anything else you woul like to know feel free to ask.


Hey there everyone, my name is Shane but you can call me Shay. I am from Loveland, Co but now will live in Denver. I am 48 years old and. I am a gay man. I like all kinds of music so there’s that. I also read all types of books. My favorite is fantasy. I have about 4 years left and am looking to get more into the LGBT+ community once I get out. I am not into sprouts, but I am into movies so much. So I hope to hear from you soon. But if you’re not interested Thank you for your time and have a wonderful life.

Charles M

My names Charles Middlebrooks #186465 Im currently 33 y/o 5’10 175 lbs. Black hair Blue/green hazel eyes. Bisexual. My obie’s include Drawing, Beading, reading, writing letters, watching TV, cooking, having fun. I would like to find someone to get to know and converse with. Im from New Orleans, La but live in Florida on Family property. I enjoy travelling to new places. I hope to hear from you soon until then stay blessed.


Hi, my name is WALKER. I usu go by my last name until a first name basis is achieved. I’m a prisoner held in Colorado for 7 years now. I can cook almost anything via hot pot + microwave. I watch a lot of football + baseball. I think I’m type O+. No drugs, no tattoos, no drama. I’m not into that gangster sh**. I have a small degree in auto body from Grand River Technical in Missouri. I didn’t come to Colorado to get arrested. It happened anyway. Let me know :)

Christopher R

Good evening, my name is Chrisopher, also known as: (Ali Khanan-Yah). I’m currently housed within the Colorado Department of Corrections, and I identify with the pronouns: (he/him). I am a freelance writer/screenwriter, poet, and investigative journalist. I am also a certified life coach, as I make it my personal mission in life to shine a light on the possibilities of pure happiness. With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me to want to put a little of it back together again. Life comes with disappointments however, should you choose to join me on a journey of positive correspondence and friendship, here are some things that I can promise to you: Someone you can come to for comfort; eyes you can look into and trust; a heart that understands and does not judge; a supporting to shoulder to cry on; a door that is always open; and time devoted to you whenever you need a helping hand. If this peaks your fancy then please do not hesitate to reach out. They say, ‘Life is a thousand songs awaiting to be sung.’ Take my hand and I’ll teach you how to sing!
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