Art by Our Inside Friends

Alex West AKA Managram Dississit

Johnathan Snorsky AKA The Exile

recommended price: $150 recommended price: $175 recommended price: $200

Eugene Martinez

William Labreck

recommended price: $75 recommended price: $45 recommended price: $45

Shawn Shields

Jake Ricker

recommended price: $20-$40

Brian Scott Pattison

recommended price: $30-$50

William Maestas

recommended price: $120 for the set of 4

If you have any questions or would like to make a donation in exchange for a piece of artwork, please email us at and we would be more than happy to make it happen.

Please note: All of our inside artists' work is donation based.

Some of our artists provide us with a recommended donation, others tell us to list their art as a "pay what you can" type price.

For those who have given us recommended prices, we have them listed under each respective piece.

No matter what the price, we do guarantee that 100% of funds generated by our inside artists will go directly back to our friends inside.

We also resize all art pieces to look better on this site. So while all pieces look simlar in size on this site, please know pieces range in size from 4 inches by 6 inches all the way up to 1 ft by 2 ft for fully framed pieces.

If you have any questions about writing to a pen pal, offering time or money as support, or anything else please don't hesitate to email us at